Cleopatra’s Revenge


Well, it’s finally out folks. CLEOPATRA’S REVENGE has been published and is available on Amazon. Here’s the cover:

Cleopatra's Revenge Front Cover

What are you supposed to do when you have a 2,100 year-old ghost haunting you and your family?

If you’re Kain Drusus, you try to ignore her. Unfortunately for Kain the ruthless shade of Cleopatra VII will not be ignored. Not by a long shot. Because in death Cleopatra has only one desire and that is to see her once mighty empire reborn. It was her dying wish that Ancient Gods have been waiting to grant since her final breath. And Kain Drusus has been chosen for this path since birth. Unfortunately for Cleopatra, Kain wants nothing to do with her schemes.

What Kain doesn’t know though, is that he may not have a choice. For when the Egyptian Gods of old decree something, mortals must obey.


Busy, Busy


I’ve actuall been quite busy editing two books that have officially been published.

We all know about OUT OF TIME. The cover for that follows:



The second book that is out is called SWEET CONFECTIONS. This particular book is a coming of age story. The hook for that is:

In bleak times dreams are the only things that keep our souls full of rich flavors.

Such is the case with Regan, a fifteen-year-old teenager who lives on the wrong side of the tracks and has never been given a break in his life. All Regan wants out of life is to turn his dreary existence into the confections that he longs to create. Often the textures of chocolate are the only things that he truly understands. Running into the heir of one of the largest chocolate manufacturers in the world is a boon Regan could not anticipate.

The only problem with Regan’s dreams is that there are forces keeping an eye on the shy teenager that could rip his hopes to shreds, and thrust him into world that he wants very little to do with.


As for the cover, let’s just say that I am proud of it.

Sweet Confections Cover


What do you think?