This Lady isn’t in a happy mood.


Some of my charachters aren’t the nicest. And some tend to snipe until they get their way or just to show their worst traits. Check out what this Goddess said for instance.

“Merlin, son of Aurelius, long before the daughter of Le Fay chose to pick up her natural born gifts you made the sole decision to interfere in lives that were not yours to do so. You are the one that changed the history that the gods had decreed, you are the one that the price was originally to be paid by. Instead, the impetuosity of a mere child changed your punishment.

“Have no doubt that you would have sought the Grail for all time. Be most assured of that. But the anger of a mortal at what you had done drew others into your punishment. You were not content with your august lot in life, you felt the need to interfere in a destiny not your own and because of this fates were lost.

“As of the French incident you have found that you could not abide by the rules that we, the gods, had set. You chose to interfere in other lives once more. This time though you committed a crime far above anything that even we could forgive. You caused the death in body and spirit of a child of Le Fay. Those children are the most special.

“You are the one responsible for the creation of the Mortal Shepherds. It is your fault that the gods suffer such humiliation every generation when the two of you are reborn. Therefore redemption is not up to you.

“If your adversary chooses to rest this time than rest you shall know. Beware though, should she choose to continue you shall suffer beyond the boundaries of the stars,” the Mother Goddess finished with finality before disappearing into the mists from whence she had come.


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