Someone is just a little too arrogant.


This is a snippet from the piece I am working on at the moment and I think that Merlin is just a bit to prideful for his own good. What do you think?

The man known as Merlin was no fool, of that you could be sure. But something was wrong and he intended to find out. For the gods to have allowed Merlin to be reborn into something that he was not the best at (he never had made a good fisherman – even in his first life) was simply unconscionable of them.

Of course they didn’t know any better, they still believed that their day was here now. But what the gods of old failed to realize wass that their star had waned and would never rise again – at least if he had anything to say about it. Of course apparently the only God that he believed in thought that he deserved whatever punishment he was being given for allowing his religion and culture to thrive in those dark times. All Merlin had ever wanted to do was see that order stayed in place.

And when the Romans had made to leave Britain at the fall of their empire they were taking order with them, and that was something that Merlin could not allow. Besides it was his birthright as the son of Aurelius. For the sake of all that was holy, he was a descendent of Marcus Aurelius, the Emperor of Rome. His word, no his will, had to mean something. And that something was the preservation of law and order in Britain even after the fall of the Empire. And if Merlin had done wrong by doing what he had done, by using his gift to help with and create the age of Camelot, than at least his own God should punish him in whatever depths of hell that awaited. These pagans had no right to his soul, of that Merlin was sure.

For if there was one thing Merlin knew it was that not all good intentions paved the way to hell. Sometimes the good had to be rewarded. They had to and Merlin had to believe that. He knew back then that the average citizen of Britain had to be protected by the Knights just as he knew that the French incident could not have been avoided. There was too much excess going on around him. There had been too much poverty in the masses for the gluttonous kings descended from Clovis I to be allowed to continue to rule. And yet that silly monarchy had been restored after his own revolutionary compatriots have taken his life.

So why was his God allowing this to happen to him? All Merlin had ever wanted in any of his lives was to see justice done. The common people of the world deserved justice, they deserved someone who would stand up for them when no one else would. And if there was no one else around to do the job, than he, Merlin, would be the one to do that job for the common man. And he would be willing to pay the price every time.


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