A Rare Sight


In the following description we have an image of the elusive Melusine and her watery abode.

Outside of the cave were several decorative mosaic style stones that looked like a path, on either side of the path were waving patches of kelp that bared more than a passing resemblance to bushes along a path in a castle garden. Around the cave’s opening from seafloor to peak Morgaine could see colored, glittering sand. On one side of the cave’s mouth was a solid rock post that appeared to be wrapped with an electric eel to provide illumination and on the other was a bronze pedestal that stood waist high and on top of it appeared to be a rock bowl that gave off a pearlescent mist into the water, the occasional colored bubble provided an extra sparkle to the area.

Directly in front of Morgaine sat an old log that looked like it was fossilized (and had seen better days judging by the deep cracks in the sides of it). On the fossil sat the fairest (in a cold and cruel sort of way) creature that Morgaine had ever laid eyes upon – and she had laid eyes on more than one creature in her many lifetimes. Morgaine had heard the legends of Melusine. It was said that she occasionally saved sailors that were battered and bruised by the waves of the oceans and fate. By turn Melusine could have fins, wings, or even human legs. What she was doing in Elaine’s pond Morgaine did not know, but it did give Morgaine hope.

Morgaine couldn’t begin to count the times that she had walked the wharf and docks on behalf of Cantorix. In all her business there Morgaine had heard more than one sailor (and several of the tavern wenches – with their filthy, ragged hair and torn clothes, and more often than not dull eyes) talk of the Lady of the Seas as they called her. Every last one of them said that she was kind and would help out a troubled sailor in a heartbeat.

There were even darker rumors about the coldly beautiful and elusive Melusine. There was more than one hoarse whisper about how a sailor had lost both heart and life for her affections. It was usually a watery grave that awaited the person that dared to be that bold – or so the stories went.

Morgaine had always believed those rumors and looking at Melusine now, Morgaine knew that she was right to listen as she did on all those business trips. Melusine simply stared at her with lidless green eyes. Her skin was tinted a light shade of green that caused her to look ill. She had heavy black hair and thick eyelashes that rimmed her lidless eyeballs.

After several moments of silence Melusine noticed that her guest was awake, and gave her a toothy smile. It was a smile that caused Morgaine to shudder because her teeth were not the pearly white that she was used to dealing with in this day and age. Instead they were a mottled yellow and grey and had flecks of brown rot dotting them. Nor were they smooth and even – Melusine’s teeth were sharp as fangs that allowed the blood red of her tongue and gums to be seen.

That same smile crinkled the pale green skin around Melusine’s eyes causing her black pupils to brighten causing her eyes to go from dull to glassy. All in all it was a rather fearful effect that the rather frigid smile created on the face of an ancient beauty. Those glassy black eyes reminded Morgaine of the piles of glittering jewels that dragons of old tended to collect. Those treasures were often lethal for mortal man to go after – just as it was often said that for you to willingly seek out Melusine’s help was a fool’s errand.


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