Someone Thinks Rather Highly of Themselves……..


These charachters are, without exception, the most prideful, imperious, and high-handed ones that I have ever met. What do you think?

This is just one of the players in this story that acts in such a manner. I may have to strangle all of them.

The last forty-five minutes of the drive were anything but quiet. Elaine, Sierra, and Nora (the triplets) were as boisterous as ever. The amount of noise they made tended to give Morgaine a headache. Of course the ruckus gave her parents migraines as well, but Morgaine had little sympathy for them as they were the ones to bring the triplets into the world. At this point Morgaine wished dearly for something resembling silence. In all her lifetime’s Morgaine had usually been a quiet and proud person who was in control. The only exception to this was French Incident where she had been forced to the sidelines, by baseborn revolutionaries who cared little for the exalted blood they spilled. To this day that still irritated her to no end


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