Some People


First off this post has nothing to do with my books. Just a rant piece today. I caught a glimpse of the latest SI cover and let’s just say that there are no positive images for young girls. If the model wants to pose like that, more power to her.

What I strenously object to is the fact that at a size 12 the model is considered to be a plus size. If you were to take and compare that size to your average person, that isn’t plus. Trust me on this, I wear a size twelve myself.

Not even a decade ago that same twelve was considered to be an 8. This just proves my theory that the industry is changing sizes to either demoralize women or to make more money by claiming they need more fabric to produce the garments. More likely it is a combination of both.

The words plus-sized intimates a larger person. Just as the word petite alludes to smaller than average. There is nothing wrong with those of us who are an average size and we shouldn’t be made to feel that there is.

The industry needs to wake up before it destroys what is left of the everyday person.


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