Someone is coldly creative in her insults…..


This is a very rough scene that I have sketched out. Somehow I don’t think Morgaine is very happy at the moment. Do you?

Morgaine opened her eyes to see a solid block of ice. As she let out a breath cold water escaped her mouth and travelled down her chin.

Almost instantly Morgaine began to shiver uncontrollably. Morgaine glanced down to find herself standing in a puddle of ice water. As her teeth chattered Morgaine took stock of her situation.

She was still in the Ice cavern that her family was visiting for the day. Morgaine was soaking wet and her radio was silent. No sound could be heard anywhere in the cavern. None of this was good.

Before Morgaine’s thoughts could go any further, she began to cough violently. As her body tried to expel the liquid from her lungs Morgaine felt something solid form on her tongue. Morgaine bought her hands to her melts as she was coughing to catch the object as it flew forth.

As she caught her breath Morgaine studied the object in her hands. It wasn’t very sick and one side of the white chalk on it. The object resembled a rough oval no bigger than her tongue.

Shivering with cold Morgaine looked once more at the block of ice in front of her. This time Morgaine noticed a glow deep inside the large queue.

That glow tickled a memory buried deep in Morgaine’s mind. Glowing. Magic. She knew this. Suddenly her cinnamon eyes began to take on a manic light. Suddenly Morgaine began to laugh wickedly. Oh, Melusine had been devious. Her mind was obviously as sharp as her jagged teeth. Memories indeed.

Before mirth could overtake her Morgaine felt a biting wind on her wet skin. As the cold settled into her bones Morgaine grimaced. Closing water logged eyes once more, Morgaine began to concentrate on the weight of the gem in her hand.

Morgaine envisioned every contour in her mind. This task was not as easy as it seemed. The frigid temperature in the cavern ensured that the water in Morgaine’s clothes turned to ice.

As the cold nipped her skin Morgaine felt icicles form on her eyelashes. The air coming out of Morgaine’s nose chafed at her lips causing them to crack and bleed.

The cold air stung her chapped lips causing her to lose her concentration.

“Damn,” Morgaine exclaimed bitterly. “May her scales dry out,” she finished in a vengeful whisper.


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