Cawing of the Past…


Keep in mind that this is still a rough draft but it seems that our heroine is in something of a quandary. Needing some help Morgaine is going to attempt to do what very few would dare.

I hope you are drawn into this snippet and would like to learn more. Either way let me know what you think.

Morgaine took a breath as she tried to push herself up from her fallen position. Leaving bloody handprints on the ice Morgaine stood. Turning to face the goddess once more Morgaine knew that pleading with the goddess of battle rage was useless.

Morgaine continued her best to dodge the goddess as she quickly trolled through her memories for a single spell. The spell she was looking for wasn’t the safest of spells but it was the only one she knew of that would help her in this fight. Not only was what Morgaine wanting to do safe but the ethics behind it were questionable at best.

Revivification was only possible with animals. Humans were far too unpredictable and complicated to revive after they had passed. Centuries ago Morgaine had heard of people trying to reanimate the bodies of the dead, and had been disgusted by the mere thought. When she had investigated the rumors Morgaine had found out that the Gods had been so displeased with the attempts that they had wiped out the human who had dared to attempt such a thing.

Luckily for Morgaine there was a raven lying in this chamber as well. Revivification wasn’t an easy spell to accomplish but it could be done if the caster had enough energy. And after centuries of not using her powers Morgaine knew that she had the energy to spare.

Ravens were a smart and loyal lot. Morgaine hoped beyond possibility that they still recognized her as one of them after all these centuries. When Morgaine had first walked the earth she had been one of their protectors and they had taken care of her in the end.


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