Something New for you


As you all know an author never truly runs out of ideas. This being said I am working on something new and thought I would share it with you. Currently this piece is titled Isis’ Savior and is just under 12,000 words. This is still a work in progress therefore consider it a very rough draft. As always tell me what you think.

Happy Reading

Before Iseult could say anything the detective guided her over to the stuffed armchair that sat in front of the stained glass window. The moment that Iseult sat down the pain began to slowly seep from her body. When Iseult could raise her head once more she smiled at the detective and said, “Thank you for the assistance, detective. Would you please go over to the large book case and bring me the purple vial from the top shelf?”

Iseult’s quiet voice was full of gratitude as the detective did as she asked. When the detective grabbed the requested bottle it began to gently warm in his hand.

Noticing his curious expression Iseult explained, “The Affliction Cleansing Elixir heats up when it moves. Normally this Elixir is a light lavender in color.

“I have modified this slightly to include a pain dampener for both parties involved in this despicable atrocity,” Iseult finished informatively.

“What’s so wrong about this Ritual,” the detective asked as he handed Iseult the small vial.

Iseult swallowed the contents of the vial and closed her eyes. When she opened her vivid purple eyes an unholy light seemed to shine from within them. The detective took a step back as Iseult began to explain.

“It involves human sacrifice. Mother Isis teaches us that all life is sacred. The scarring and harming of another human soul tarnishes only the one doing the damage.

“In our Code of Ethics harming another soul is a sin that not even the Angeni can grant atonement for. Basically someone has damned their own soul,” Iseult quietly explained.

The detective shot Iseult a puzzled look before asking, “I’m sorry, but who are the Angeni?”

Iseult shook her fiery mane as she answered, “The Angeni are responsible for our souls.”

“They’re priests,” Detective Otokar questioned.

“The Angeni are more than priests. They are also healers and gatekeepers to the land of the Gods.”

“You people don’t have just one god?”

“No. We believe in many gods. Think of it this way – power corrupts. If you put all that responsibility and power into the hands of one person, what would you get?”


“No. A megalomaniac.”

“Insulting the beliefs of more than two billion people is a bit harsh, don’t you think?”

“Our beliefs were around for thousands of years before theirs and we are the ones that are currently belittled. Besides, I never put down their religious beliefs. I merely explained ours,” Iseult finished firmly.