A Stone Twist


For your enjoyment I have something slightly different for you. This is from further along in Isis’ Savior. Mind you I didn’t see this twist in the making but what are you supposed to do when the charachters have their own ideas. When these people decide to tell me what makes their world tick I will, of course, inform you. Just know that when a goddess trapped in stone decides to adopt you, things probably aren’t going to go your way. As always keep in mind this is just the rough draft and several revisions are probably in the works. At any rate,  Happy Reading!

Iseult woke to the feeling of coolness. She opened her eyes and found herself to be lying on white linen sheets in a room that seemed to glow. The breeze from the open window explained the temperature, and the shining moon with its pitted craters was behind the glow. Looking around the room Iseult saw Selk sleeping in the bamboo chair next to her. At the doorframe across the room the detective stood watching protectively.

Iseult tried to slowly push herself up only to tumble back down. With a frown on her face Iseult raised first one hand and then another. When Iseult saw her right hand she let out a gasp. No longer did she have the dreaded mark of Mars on her arm. Instead there was something almost worse.

From the elbow of her right arm to her fingertips were imbedded the darkest of amethysts. Before she could raise a fuss Selk woke from her sleeping position and urgently whispered, “Easy now Sister. You are seeing only the protection of our Mother,” her normally cold voice was soft and empathetic.

“What did you do to me,” Iseult fearfully demanded.

“The elixir that I gave you was a variant of an ancient adoption charm. It involved my own blood, and was meant to allow me to help in keeping your grandfather from pain.

“Sadly I didn’t take into account that my own blood isn’t completely mortal. It appears that Mother has chosen to protect you from the pain of Mars and adopt you as her own child. Mother has seemingly taken your word to help and has decided to aid you in the only way she currently can. She has chosen to give me a sister after all these long years.

“While I did not foresee this consequence it is not one I am displeased with,” Selk calmly explained.

“Adoption,” Iseult hoarsely croaked.


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