A New Idea For YOu


I recently had a new story idea hit. What do you guys think of a children’s book based around the idea of what teddy bears get up to when we aren’t looking? To give you and idea of what I am thinking here is the first part of this book. As always I hope you enjoy this piece. Happy Reading!


One morning Violet and Lucky woke up. When they sat up Lucky asked, “Should we make breakfast?

Violet smiled and replied, “Yes.”

The two bears toddled off to the kitchen.

When they were in the kitchen Violet said, “I’ll get the eggs.”

“Okay,” Lucky replied. “I’ll get the frying pan.”

Violet carefully took the eggs from the refrigerator. As she was taking the eggs to the counter one of them fell and cracked!

“Ooopps,” Violet exclaimed.

“That’s okay. Little messes can be cleaned up,” Lucky told her.

Violet nodded happily as she went to get a dustpan and paper towels.

While Violet was cleaning up Lucky diced the peppers and sausages.

Once the ingredients were prepared, Lucky melted some butter and put them in the frying pan.

After she finished cleaning the broken egg Violet set the table.

Once breakfast was ready the two bears sat down to eat.

“Thank you for breakfast Lucky,” Violet said while they were eating.

“You’re welcome Violet. I enjoy cooking,” Lucky happily informed her.

The bears finished breakfast and took their dishes into the kitchen.

“I’ll dry,” Violet volunteered.

Lucky nodded as he filled the sink with soapy water. The two bears washed and dried their dishes humming a happy song.

“What should we do next,” Violet asked.

“Could we play hide and seek in the garden,” Lucky asked as he bounced on his paws.


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