A New Library…


Here’s a rough draft section of Isis’ Savior for you to read. Methinks that something isn’t quite right for our intrepid heroine. Happy Reading!

“Selk, how fast can you get me to the Library?”

With a heavy sigh Selk frowned. Her delicate brows drooped low as she sorrowfully replied, “Regrettably that is a place no longer accessible to you sister.”

The stars had more color in them than Iseult’s skin upon hearing this. Before darkness could claim her once more Iseult faintly demanded, “What?”

Gravely Selk explained, “Once they cursed Mother to that statue the Children of Mars developed a blood elixir that denies Her children the privilege the Great Library. The blood in out veins will literally boil us alive. I don’t know about you but that is not my mug of beer,” Selk finished ironically.

Iseult shook as she shrunk back in the bed. As her violet eyes filled with tears Iseult muttered, “I need to get there. The Library is the only place I know of with access to notes from times past. Those notes are the only thing that could possibly save Master Evander and the detective. Not to mention my grandfather. With luck they might have something to help Mother Isis.

“I need all the notes they have,” Iseult finished shrilly.

Selk cocked her head and reached a hand out to comfort Iseult. “There may be another option.

“What do you mean? There is no other Library available to alchemists,” Iseult desperately chittered.

“Not exactly,” Selk began, “If Seshat is amenable to your quest, she might be let you into her Library.

“As a child of Mother Isis, Thoth’s Wisdom is available to you,” Selk assured.

The thought of such august revered writings caused Iseult’s eyes to widen and her jaw to drop. “That’s real? We only thought it a myth,” she gasped.

“What are you talking about,” the detective impatiently interjected.

The look of outrage on Selk’s face caused the ghost of a smile to appear on Iseult’s thin lips.

Purple eyes glittering once more, Iseult explained, “Every culture in history – from the ancient Assyrians to Timbuktu and Rome – had both physical and mythical libraries for alchemists.

“Thoth’s Wisdom is rumored to be where the God Thoth recorded all his thoughts and wisdom.

“It is said that one of his wives, Seshat, is the guardian of those papyri. Seshat is also the goddess of writing,” Iseult finished knowledgably.

With a frown Detective Otokar snidely asked, “Do you people follow the scientific world at all?”

Selk flared her cold green eyes as she snapped, “For you information detective, alchemy is the precursor to your modern chemistry. Just because you can’t read the language or understand the concepts, doesn’t make Alchemy illogical.

“To practiced alchemists such as myself and Iseult, an alchemical formula is as easy as reading a newspaper,” Selk finished tartly.

For a single moment clarity seemed to shine through the detective’s eyes. It was that moment that Selk saw what Iseult knew. “Our aunt Seshat may help,” Selk quietly informed Iseult.

“How do I get there,” Iseult demanded.

“That’s the tricky part,” Selk gravely replied.

“Tricky,” Iseult whispered as her heart turned her stomach into a pit of butterflies.


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