Meeting of the Minds


Hi all,

I’m still working on Frozen in Ice. And tonight we have a snippet from the Winter Beings. All they really want to know is if Santa’s crazy plan is working. Do you think it will? Feel free to leave me your thoughts on the matter. As always,


The normally yellow kitchen walls were covered in silver glitter. Blue and purple stains were on the white tiled floor. Grandpa Frank was standing in the doorway shaking his head. This kitchen hadn’t seen a mess like this in more years than he could remember. Taking a quick glance outside the window Grandpa Frank saw that Nicholas and Jack were building a snow fort.
Grandpa Frank turned the kitchen clock backwards and the mess cleaned itself up. With a chuckle Grandpa Frank went to the dining room where his guests awaited.

Entering the room Grandpa Frank saw that Dr. Amber and Dr. Simon were seated in the wingback chairs. The flames were merrily burning in the fireplace.

“Thank you both for coming. How is everyone faring on their little jaunt to the mortal world,” Grandpa Frank asked cheerfully.

“I haven’t skated this much in years,” Mother Nature enthused.

“I am finally able to show off my quilt collection. Not to mention my skill with paint and wallpaper,” Sandman gushed.

“What about you, Father Time,” Mother Nature enquired.

Father Time chuckled before responding, “I haven’t had this much fun in generations! Although I did have a close call earlier this week when young Jack had an adverse reaction to The Clock.”

“He said it made him really cold. Although it warms my heart to see that he still loves his hot cocoa. Mrs. Claus will be delighted to hear that when things get back to normal,” Sandman wisely predicted. This statement caused both Father Time and Mother Nature to chuckle.

“So will Santa. Jack’s cocoa is the best compliment to Mrs. Claus’ cookies,” Father Time joked.

“Has anyone recently checked on Noelle,” Mother Nature asked seriously.

“Why,” Father Time asked nervously.

“When I was talking to Jack earlier he said he saw her standing in the snow,” Mother Nature quietly informed.

“I sent Donner over after Jack left the office. Jack said Noelle was in his dreams last night,” Sandman calmly reassured.

“Any word back,” Father Time asked worriedly.

“Not yet. He should come through the fireplace at any moment,” Sandman informed calmly.

“Does anyone know how Santa convinced Donner to take human form for this assignment,” Mother Nature asked. Both gentlemen in the room shrugged their shoulders in
response. The three adults let the silence linger while the flames crackled brightly in the room.

True to Sandman’s word the tall, bulky form of Donner stepped through the fireplace. His thick beard was streaked with soot and his brown eyes showed an intelligence beyond he thirty-some odd years.

“Sorry to keep you all waiting but I had to make sure my daughter was in bed. It would have been difficult to explain turning into a reindeer and traveling through a fireplace to a seven year old doe. Especially one with her intelligence. That’s what I get for feeding her so many carrots.

“As you asked Mr. Sandman, I checked on Miss Noelle. The ice around her is a little thinner and there is more color to her. Beyond that I can’t tell,” Donner reported.

“There wasn’t any water around her was there,” Mother Nature asked.

“I didn’t see any, Miss Mother Nature,” Donner answered respectfully.

“Had she moved any,” Father Time asked nervously.

“No. Miss Noelle is still as stiff as the day she was encased,” Donner answered.

“Thank you for your help Donner. I’ll be sure to send over some extra carrots for you and your daughter in the morning,” Mother Nature graciously informed.

Donner let out a whistle that sounded like a neigh as he smiled to the group. “Thank you Mother Nature but I would do anything to help Mr. Jack and Miss Noelle. The both of them were always so kind to us. We just can’t stand to see them hurt,” Donner explained.

The other winter beings nodded their heads in remembrance of times long gone as Donner turned around and disappeared through the fire.


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