What is a Feather?


It’s amazing what a feather can do. It’s as light as air and yet can lift a bird off the ground. It can blow in the wind yet make soft pillows and mattresses. It can tickle yet make a mess when they fall to the ground. They can be used to make fans or clothes. Mythology has even used feathers to make man fly. They can be used to send secret messages or be used to write.

Of all of these I prefer the history of writing with them. Quills are a wonderful tool in the writer’s profession. Not only are they pretty to look at, but practical tool. As long as they are clean a quill is safer to chew on than a Bic pen. No writing is quite as elegant as what comes from a quill.

The ink that flows from a quill’s nib is more unique as you watch its colors dry. I feather quill literally allows us to create the new worlds that we love. What other tool, I ask you, has that power?


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