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What have I been up to you wonder?

How about this?

Over the last year I have been researching and writing a book based during the Salem Witch Trials. You all know how I am when I research. Historical accuracy was a must for my newest character, Grace, and her world – 17th century Salem Massachusetts. Just in time for Halloween, I know. Lol

The title of my latest work is Fall From Grace.

You’ve seen several rough chapters so far, but here is a full synopsis.

17th century Salem, Massachusetts is steeped in faith and the greatest sin you can be accused of is witchcraft.

During these dark times the only way to save your life is to confess. Unfortunately confessing to something she didn’t do is not in Grace Bacon’s nature. As she rots in the Suburbs of Hell, Grace is forced to endure the spite of her jailors and dehumanizing conditions. While there, Grace meets others that stand accused of the same heinous crimes.

Once she is pardoned of the accusations, Grace has to face banishment from all she knows. Can she learn to trust again while her body is weak and mind is tired – or will her faith be broken?

If you get a chance to check it out on Amazon, or any other online retailer (yes that includes kobo, barnes and noble, and mac readers) , let me know what you think.

Remember the physical book is printed in white I have dubbed the Easy Read Format for readers with dyslexia and other reading difficulties to enjoy. This also includes those with bad eyes.

What that means is that the physical book is printed in easy to read 12 point time news roman and double spaced!

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Daughter of Alchemy


Hi all,

I finally finished it! Daughter of Alchemy is live and ready for you to enjoy. This title (like all others) is printed with double spacing for the paper back so that people with reading disabilities can enjoy the expierence of Iseult’s world. I invite you to click on the link Daughter of Alchemy to experience the trauma and drama of Iseult’s world for yourself.

Remember to feed an author with a review. Further down this post is a little clue as to what is contained within the covers.

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“He’s yours to do with as you please,” the cold voice invited to the snarls that began to sound.

“You won’t get away with this Bricius Aeilius! The Council will stop you,” Patrik screamed as an iron door swung open.

“The Council is mine, just as you were for all those years. And in due course the power of this world will be mine, “Bricius icily informed as he pulled the door closed with a heavy clang.

The snarling intensified as the werecats closed in on the cell. Patrik looked around the cell as the animals approached and shook his head. “I had my freedom Aeilius. You just didn’t know it. The rest of my powers are not yours for the taking.

“If anyone on the council breaks this pendant, know that iron will cage the beast for eternity.”

Patrik then clutched the amulet on his neck. When the iron bars of his cell opened to admit the snarling cats Patrik firmly shouted, “Ignis!”

Fire encased the cell and the whining of wounded and dying cats sounded throughout the memory. The memory was so vivid that the stench of burning flesh filled the projection room as the memory went dark and the room returned to its normal luminescence.

Alice Tethysdaughter


Alice Tethysdaughter In Search of a Home

The salty waves lapped at Alice’s bare feet. Her eyes were the same stormy color as the clouds above. Her long blonde hair was matted to her face as the tattoo on her arm glowed a soft green. A sad smile played on her lips as her tears blended with the ocean.

She had played in the ocean for her entire life. It was the one place where other children couldn’t tease her. None of them could swim like a mermaid. The water never bothered Alice, not even in winter.

Winter, with its cold reminders of another year gone by; its short, dismal days that never had enough light. The winter solstice that other looked forward to with much fanfare. Others that weren’t Alice.

Alice had always hated the winter solstice. The low tides continuously shortened the visits with her mother.

Tethys, wife of Poseidon, was one of the gentlest souls that Alice knew. She was as gracious as the Queen of the waters should be. Yet she was often distant. That didn’t bother Alice though. At least she saw her. Time with her mother was precious to Alice; Poseidon would only allow her to visit once a year.

Every year on this, the shortest day Alice made her way to the shores at dawn. She would walk until she was waist deep before feeling her mothers loving embrace as the waves crashed against her frail body.

At any other time of the year Alice wasn’t allowed in the waters of Poseidon. This was better than the punishment from her fathers wife though. Hera, the Queen of the Gods, was a woman who constantly had to defend her position to the others. Sadly, it was Zeus’ offspring that usually paid the price. Consequently Alice was never allowed to have a child, or to marry. Nor was she allowed to grow into an adult. To make matters worse, whenever she was near live cattle they tended to stampede.

Alice couldn’t blame the great Queen though. To constantly have to defend yourself against the others must be humiliating. This was something that Alice could relate to.

Humiliation. Alice knew that emotion well. The feeling of never being good enough for the families that came through the orphanage wanting a spritely child. Never being pretty enough for the other children to play with. Never being polite enough for the caretaker at the orphanage. Always being compared to another person.

Centuries ago Alice had been condemned to eternal childhood. By the time she reached sixteen or so the waves always carried Alice away from one culture and into the uncertain arms of another.

This would be the last time she saw her mother in these waters. Within a few hours she would float away and wash up on another shore or in another time. With luck the shores would be warmer than these. Alice always hoped for that.

The chance that someone, somewhere would want a solemn child in search of a home. The chance that someone would defy the ancient gods and want an Alice of their own. That someone would let her grow up and live a life other than that decreed by the gods.

Alice didn’t think it was too much to ask for. Then again she didn’t think living was too much to ask for. After all if she could truly live, she could die. She had seen so much in the centuries since her birth that Alice yearned to feel any of it. All she needed was for someone to deny the gods and give her that chance at life.

Before her thoughts could finish the waves pulled her further into the ocean and under its crisp, clean surface. Alice gave a sorrowful smile as the inevitable occurred; it was time to go. The waves rose higher and higher as the current pulled her into deeper waters, that modern mortal eyes would never see.

Rather than struggle against the waves Alice drifted into them; she accepted their chilly comfort as she would the arms of a parent. Hoping that this time they would carry them into the arms of a forever home.


If you enjoyed this piece you might enjoy my latest book, “Spirit of Winter”. Available here. As will all my books, Spirit of Winter is printed in the double spaced format. This is a format that I have termed “Easy Read” because it allows for people with dyslexia to read.

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Let the Season Begin


“Dashing through the snow” We all know the words to the populat carol. Many of us have fond memories and traditions for this time of year. Jack Frost has forgotten this.

Over the years he has become a bitter being who has forgotten why he celebrates the season. For us mortals, that bitterness can have devastating effects.

Giving a young Jack Frost the chance to remember is the premise behind a new holiday classic, Spirit of Winter.

Spirit of Winter Cover_FRONT

To give you a better idea here is a bit more of an idea for you to ponder.

The entrapment of his sister’s spirit has caused Jack Frost to forget what it means to play; thus causing bitterly cold winters.

Santa Claus, Mother Nature, and Father Time conspire to show Jack the meaning of winter once more. To accomplish this they turn him, and by extension themselves, into children. Will learning to play again bring Noelle Frost back?

Will Jack remember his sister’s spirit or will winter become frigid and inhospitable for the rest of time?

Keep in mind that the paper back form of Spirit of Winter is printed in the double spaced format so that people with reading disabilities may enjoy the story as well. This includes dyslexia.

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‘Tis the Season


We all know the holidays are upon us once more. Have you started decorating yet, or are you already done? What are you doing and who are you spending time with? Do you like to read? Need a book to gift?

How about one that reminds us that there is a reason for the season? Spirit of Winter is just such a book.

The winter beings have decided that Jack Frost has become too bitter. Towards that end they decided that he needs to remember the most important reason that winter is around. To do that though, Jack needs to learn one major lesson – to play.

Will this work? Will Jack Frost’s icy point of view thaw?

Find out in Spirit of Winter.

Remember the physical print copy is printed in double space format in order for people with reading disabilities to have an easier time enjoying the story. This includes people with dyslexia (something my husband will attest to). As Always,

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Coming Soon!!


Hi all,

I just finished a short story that will be published soon! Previously this was titled “Frozen in Ice”, it has been renamed “Spirit of Winter”

While this is a story with themes of Christmas and holiday cheer the underlying message is to remember to play. If you are bitter change will not occur.

Although this story has a young Jack Frost as the main charachter, adults are encouraged to read and enjoy.

As always the physical print copy of this will be printed in a double spaced format so that people with reading disabilites can enjoy the story without getting discouraged. I have termed this style of publication “Easy Read”. The reason for this is because my husband is dyslexic and the first time he read a piece of mine, he said, “This is easy for me to read”. Since making this discover all of my physical print books have been in this format. To check some of this out click the link: R. Stachowiak’s Amazon Page

When I have the publication date I will post it here for you to all enjoy.

As always,

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Teddy Bears


Do love stuffed animals? Probably so. There isn’t a teddy bear that can’t capture the imagination. Do you wonder what they get up to when you aren’t around? If so, then I have a book for you. It’s called A Bear’s Life.

Violet getting the eggs from the fridge.

Violet getting the eggs from the fridge.

A Bear’s Life is told by Mr. Cuddles. You’re probably thinking, “Who’s Mr. Cuddles?” I can answer that one for you.

Mr. Cuddles is a bear who has traveled the world meeting stuffed animals of all shapes, colors, and sizes. He has learned many things from the bears that he has met. One of those things is that All Bears Are Created Equal.

Many years ago a wise bear told Mr. Cuddles that the reason for this was because stuffed animals were created to love people and as long as someone loved them than everything was right with the world.

Now that he has settled down Mr. Cuddles has decided to try his hand at writing a book. To that end, Mr. Cuddles got a hold of my camera when I wasn’t around and followed two of his friends around.

Click the link for A Bear’s Life to see some of what two bears can get up to from the time they wake up.

This title is written in large font and double spaced for easy reading by all. A Bear’s Life is also available for kindle under the name of R. Stachowiak.

Why not let your imagination come and play with the bears?

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