Problems With Excessive Social Media


Five Problems With Social Media


  • Oversharing – In today’s world with everyone knowing your business thanks to social media people have forgotten privacy. In many cases this has started more trouble than it is truly worth. People have often forgotten how to handle ill remarks with dignity and grace, something that wouldn’t have necessarily happened in the past with word of ill gossip. Too often something you don’t want others to know is spread all over the planet, that’s something that you can’t easily recover from.
  • Too Connected – People tend to spend hours on social media and forget those they are with. It is amazing at the number of people I have seen on dates staring at their phones rather than talking to their partners. Social media has made face time disposable. Everyone is more concerned with what is going on elsewhere rather than what is happening right in front of them. Without people there is no social media; paying attention to those in front of you creates what you crave. If you insist on being a part of social media do something worth posting about. You’ll find your life richer for the effort.
  • Neglect – This one goes with the second point. By neglecting people, you are neglecting yourself and your future – not to mention social media. I’m not saying, that you have to be a social butterfly, but paying attention to those with you has greater benefits than staring at a screen. Put the phone down when at a concert or theme park. Look your date in the eye. Watch your children playing in the yard – who do you think they look to when it comes to how they should behave. That screen won’t help you when you are ill, nor will it comfort you in a cold bed.
  • Thin Skinned – People have become so easily offended that it’s nauseating. No one is forcing you to look at something you don’t like. There was a time when we were taught “If you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything.” This social nicety has been left in the dust. Our society has become more volatile because of it. Volatility leads to destruction and that is something that we don’t need as a human race. If people returned to more traditional values, we have a chance at lasting a few more generations. With the advent of social media, people no longer have the ability to brush off a callous word. The either take offense or burst into uncontrollable sobbing. Both of which have become tiresome actions that very few tolerate anymore. Not that I can blame them. Not everyone is going to like you – that was a fact that we used to accept. It was that we could roll with. We need to start doing that again.
  • Distant – Due to the overuse of social media we have become more distant as a species rather than closer to our fellow man. Any more it seems that all I see is people their view of things rather than compassion and understanding of those who are different. The more distant we become with others the more chaotic the world will become.






Already A Legend


Hi Folks,

Once more we are sticking with the Arthurian theme. This time though we have an appearance made by Elaine, Lady of the Lake. She is known to have raised Lancelot du Lac. This time though the eternal figure has a question for the famous descendants of the king of Albion. From here on out I give you – ALREADY A LEGEND.

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Already a Legend


In a German prison-palace sat a man with bright reddish-gold hair and eyes the color of a cloudless sky. There were no adornments on his fingers and his clothing lacked any fancy embroidery. It was in this palace that he resided since his capture by his cousin Leopold of Austria. Normally the man had a jolly grin on his face, today though he was pensive. His current predicament was heavy on his mind.

The weather had forced him to take the more dangerous land route from the crusades back to a kingdom that he really didn’t like and the only use he found for it was as revenue. This latest Crusade had been trying on him but at last Christians had more access to the holy land of God.

Here in this prison-palace he had basic rights and the assurance that his captors would not kill him due to his exalted birth – although his brother John would probably like for him to disappear permanently. His daily routines were not changed. He had one servant girl assigned to him. She had dark hair that was held back with an iridescent pearl net and ancient blue eyes. Never once did she say a word to him and yet Richard got the feeling that every time the woman even glanced his way she said a volumes.

The raven haired woman always bore him his meals, but never once had she uttered a word, causing him to assume that she was a deaf mute. A fair occupation for such a creature.

Richard would swear though, that she was not dumb. There was too much intelligence in her aged eyes.

In a few minutes Richard would once again see the raven haired woman. For the sun was about right for his midday meal.

Right on time the servant girl came into the room with his noon victuals. This time though, when she looked at him she asked a question, “Tell me Coeur de Lion, which would you prefer – the sword or the scabbard?”

Her soft voice was melodious. Richard looked surprised at the woman. Without a moments hesitation he answered, “The sword Milady. How else were I to defend myself?”

The dark-haired lady shook her head mournfully and answered, “Than I fear, brave-hearted one, that your demise shall be as sad as Charlemagne’s predecessor.” She ended this statement on a sigh as she set the tray of victuals down.

“The man you speak of was naught but a myth,” Richard replied haughtily.

“Arthur was more than myth and fable. But if it is the sword you want than it is the sword you shall get,” she stated with finality. There was a slight sneer on her delicate lips as she turned from him and left the room in something of a temper.

As the woman left she slammed the heavy wooden door as hard as she could and if Richard could have seen her blue eyes he would have wondered if the woman was mortal or one of the Church’s despicable demons.

Once outside of the room the woman carefully worked a spell throughout the castle so that she could leave as unnoticed as she had arrived.

Oh! Why did the men of Constantine have to be so stubborn! Could none of them see that Arthur was right all those years ago? Even now, not a sole believed him and that deplorable fact was the fault of Arthur’s final orders to his Champion. Why did she have to be so successful?

But there was no use in lamenting the fact that orders had been followed successfully so she’d best get on with the future, else it wouldn’t happen the way that the immortals wanted it to. So if it was Excalibur that the Kings of Albion wanted it was Excalibur that Elaine of the Lake would give them.

It’s Here!!!!!


Well all, I finally recieved the proof copy for A Bear’s Life. Some of you know that this is my first foray into childrens literature. As with my other titles this book is double spaced. Remember that makes it easier for not only smaller readers but also easier for people with reading disabilities. The text is also in a larger print which makes it easier for those of us with bad eyes to read – of which I am one. This title is officialy available on Amazon. Just follow the Link.

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Books for Younger Readers


Okay folks,

Building on a previous post, I have decided to go ahead and attempt a children’s book. This is meant for children under the age of eight – or anybody who likes teddy bears.

It will have many pictures to follow along with the story line. In my first attempt at this we are meeting Lucky and Violet. Two bears that come to life when humans aren’t around.

As always I hope you enjoy the piece when it comes out!

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Coming soon! A Bear’s Life.