He Waited For Her


Just as a warning this post is another break from Arthurian Legend. This particular piece was inspired by a writing prompt with a limited word count. The scene had to start with the words He Waited For Her.

I know of several other authors that have taken up this prompt and have done wonderfully with it. Without further ado here is my take on He Waited For Her.

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He waited for her. Just as he did every day for the last seventy years. He sat on a bench that faced a set of wrought iron gates. Cherubs decorated the pillars of the gates. Just beyond those gates was luscious green grass that had dragonflies resting on its wide blades. Above him the sky was a brilliant shade of blue that hadn’t changed in years.

He could hear strings playing a joyful tune in the distance, but still he did not go in. He had a vow to keep. One that meant more to him than all the music in the world. He wore a pair of rough breeches and a billowy white shirt. A walking stick rested against the bench.

He swore to her on their wedding day that he would always wait for her. He had watched her over the years as she struggled to move on and raise their children. She had raised their children with aplomb.

Their son was literally a miracle doctor who had broken the code that the world called cancer. As for their daughter, suffice to say she had the highest rate of college graduates the world had ever seen. They were both treasures that he would have liked to have seen.

As for his beautiful bride, she was always on his mind. The struggles she had faced over the years had only made her more precious to him. Soon she would be with him though. Together they would finally be able to walk the ancient gardens as she had always wanted to.

He was determined to see her smile once more. That was the truly sad part about his bride. She seemed to have lost her ability to grin giddily to the world. It was the main factor about her that had caught his attention all those years ago.

He could have had anyone; but her joy in life wouldn’t let him go. Just as he wouldn’t let her go. They had married against the wishes of both their parents. Those wishes didn’t matter to them though – they were in love. As far as he was concerned they still were. From watching her all these years he knew they still were.

He knew she had tried to find someone to help her, but no one ever seemed to be what she needed. He would have been happy if she had found another – but he was the slightest bit glad she hadn’t. She was still his to love and cherish.

These many thoughts made him smile. Before his thoughts could start up again the light around the gates brightened and the scent of honey and oranges filled the air. The man turned his head sharply to see her. He waited with bated breath as the light dimmed and the most beautiful woman in the world stood in front of him.

“Abigail,” he whispered throatily.

“Dafid,” was her excited reply. “You’re here!”

“I swore I would always wait for you,” he reassured.

“After all this time you kept your word.”

“You have always meant more to me than anything beyond that gate. I missed you. I had to see you again.”

“I missed you too.”

“After all this time would you care to go for a walk?”