Teddy Bears


Do love stuffed animals? Probably so. There isn’t a teddy bear that can’t capture the imagination. Do you wonder what they get up to when you aren’t around? If so, then I have a book for you. It’s called A Bear’s Life.

Violet getting the eggs from the fridge.

Violet getting the eggs from the fridge.

A Bear’s Life is told by Mr. Cuddles. You’re probably thinking, “Who’s Mr. Cuddles?” I can answer that one for you.

Mr. Cuddles is a bear who has traveled the world meeting stuffed animals of all shapes, colors, and sizes. He has learned many things from the bears that he has met. One of those things is that All Bears Are Created Equal.

Many years ago a wise bear told Mr. Cuddles that the reason for this was because stuffed animals were created to love people and as long as someone loved them than everything was right with the world.

Now that he has settled down Mr. Cuddles has decided to try his hand at writing a book. To that end, Mr. Cuddles got a hold of my camera when I wasn’t around and followed two of his friends around.

Click the link for A Bear’s Life to see some of what two bears can get up to from the time they wake up.

This title is written in large font and double spaced for easy reading by all. A Bear’s Life is also available for kindle under the name of R. Stachowiak.

Why not let your imagination come and play with the bears?

Happy Reading


It’s Here!!!!!


Well all, I finally recieved the proof copy for A Bear’s Life. Some of you know that this is my first foray into childrens literature. As with my other titles this book is double spaced. Remember that makes it easier for not only smaller readers but also easier for people with reading disabilities. The text is also in a larger print which makes it easier for those of us with bad eyes to read – of which I am one. This title is officialy available on Amazon. Just follow the Link.

As Always I hope you enjoy and feel free to leave constructive feedback!

Happy Reading!!

Books for Younger Readers


Okay folks,

Building on a previous post, I have decided to go ahead and attempt a children’s book. This is meant for children under the age of eight – or anybody who likes teddy bears.

It will have many pictures to follow along with the story line. In my first attempt at this we are meeting Lucky and Violet. Two bears that come to life when humans aren’t around.

As always I hope you enjoy the piece when it comes out!

Happy Reading.


Coming soon! A Bear’s Life.