Musings of a Dragon


This piece was written for a challenge. I’m not sure but I think the dragon is young and the Princess is either insane or morbid. Either way I don’t think she is going anywhere.

The Dragon who Rescued the Princess from the Prince.

Silly princes. They really have no clue. Daily they come with their sharp swords and swift horses to try and win the hand of my princess in her stone castle. They never will though. The Pretty Princess with the fiery hair doesn’t want them. All she wants is to be left to her library of scrolls. Why I don’t know, but what the Pretty Princess wants the Pretty Princess gets. Even if it doesn’t taste all that good to me.

The Dark King and Blonde Queen don’t know that. My fiery haired princess doesn’t want them to know. She said that if her parents find out than they will burn her scrolls. That would make the princess cry. I don’t want to see my flame haired friend cry.

She doesn’t have scales to protect her from the evil Princes or the Sour King and Queen. So I will protect her. My scales are green and gold. They are as hard as a diamond and sharp as razors. I have ripped many a prince to shreds with my talons that dared to try and see the Princess.

I think I saw the Princess laugh at the last Prince. Her bright hair matches the fire I breathe. I wonder what the Princess meant when she asked if I wanted ketchup at the next Prince roasting. Would ketchup make the Princes and their furry ponies taste better?

I don’t know. Maybe the Princess will bring some for me to try out? Sometimes she does bring me treats. Last week the Princess had the rancher down the road bring me a cow. I love beef. Especially when it’s still moving. Although I could do without the fur, it sticks when I roast them.

I admit that the fur is easier to deal with than the metal shirts that the Princes wear. Sometimes it tastes like they are boiled instead of roasted. They taste better roasted. Sadly there isn’t enough meat on the Princes heads, so I usually leave the heads in the river that floats into the other kingdoms.

The Princess saw me drop the head of a prince once while I was flying and she said that it served him right. My fiery Princess said that if they can’t learn their lesson then I can eat as many of them as I want. Since the Princess doesn’t want to meet any of the Princes that means I can eat them all.

I think I hear the hooves of my next dinner. The Princess is smiling from her tower, that means that I can go eat now.