I’ve finally finalized my cover for my latest project. As you have seen I have gone through several ideas on what this book should look like. I have been told that the cover for this puts the reader right into one of the scenes of the book – which I will have updates for you soon on publication date. As always, Enjoy and Happy Reading! This book is coming soon and will be entitled REINCARNATED FATE. It may annoy some people but I will continue with the double spacing as it makes reading the paperback easier for those with dyslexia. That and it doesn’t hurt my eyes to read it with a little more space in the lines either! Anyways, what do you guys think of the cover??

Reincarnated Cover

This is the chosen cover for Reincarnated Fate.


Peace in the Rain…


This is a short theme piece, I thought you might enjoy. This was written to relax. Let me know what you think.


The earth has a way about it when it is to rain. The air becomes humid and the temperatures drop as nature once again tries to cleanse itself. I see people rushing away from the water as quickly as it can carry them. Others meander slowly through the pre-rain drizzles. Others still shut their windows tight so as to block out the greying clouds, and flashes of lightening. Some even jump at the clang of thunder. But not me.

Personally I walk, run, dance, and spin around in circles as the water pours freely from the sky. I raise my face so that I can catch every drop of water as it falls on my face. I breathe the damp air in as if it will be my last breath. I embrace the chaotic winds of the blowing storm. Because I know what it brings.

You ask why I walk in the rain and the answer is simple. It’s the only place I can think. You ask why I dance in the rain. It’s because the rain is where I am free. I sit in the rain because it washes my troubles away. But most of all I like the rain because I find peace in the rain.