What is Wrong With You??


As promised in the site description I tend to give the occasional rant. Keep in mind this has nothing to do with any of my works. This is a personal opinion piece. Happy Reading!

We all have people in life that will consistently come to us with their problems. They never seem to know what to do with themselves, and it’s often amazing that they can even feed and dress without guidance. I honestly have no general problem with these people, we all have our own issues from time to time. Unfortunately I cannot always help you with your life as I often have a life of my own to deal with.

Without trying to be unduly harsh, I have a few steps you might consider before hollering for help.

Do not bring your problems to me. I am not a witch from a fairy tale. I do not have a magic wand to wave that will make all of your issues disappear. Take responsibility for your own actions and watch how your life is better. You will find that stress will often disappear and arguments decrease. No one ever promised that everything would be fair, so accept it and move on, because whining doesn’t really help the situation.

If someone boils over like a volcano at you, ask yourself what YOU did to upset them. Think about what you may have said or done. Own whatever it was you may have said or done and strive to make sure it doesn’t happen again. I’m not saying that whomever is getting mad has a right to; I am just saying that you may have played more than a minor part in upsetting them.

Even superheroes screw up from time to time; no one is perfect. If you make a mistake acknowledge it. Afterwards strive to ensure it doesn’t reoccur. Life isn’t always without weeds, but you can help to control the weeds that you spread if you watch yourself.

The grass isn’t always greener on the other side, so quit always thinking it is. Just because your neighbor uses non-GMO products, doesn’t mean you have to. It’s not always a good thing to copy the monkeys. When you wonder why someone else’s life isn’t as difficult, find what you are doing wrong in your own life and see where YOU need to make changes. What YOU do makes the waves in your own life.

Oceans are exhausting to cross. When someone travels 4500 miles to do something for YOU, the only thing you should be is grateful. If you complain about something that person’s partner conceivably may or may not do, than the problem lies with you. If the only things you see are negative than you have an issue; not the rest of the world.

People are not ants in a colony. They have their own thoughts, emotions, and views. If you consistently tread on them and treat them like they don’t matter, resentment is the only thing that grows from it. Part of life is acknowledging other people are different and not sneering upon them because you don’t like it. Accepting these differences, is only going to enhance your own quality of life.

Just as plants need nurturing to grow, so do people. When YOU consistently degrade and humiliate another person, that tells them that they don’t matter to you. By dismissing other people you are doing yourself a grave injustice; and that travesty is allowing yourself to grow as a person. If you can’t grow how will you become the happy and capable person that you want to be?

The winners in life are the ones that are truly human. If you show true gratitude, own what you have done, and acknowledge your mistakes, I can almost guarantee you that your life will improve ten fold.




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Cawing of the Past…


Keep in mind that this is still a rough draft but it seems that our heroine is in something of a quandary. Needing some help Morgaine is going to attempt to do what very few would dare.

I hope you are drawn into this snippet and would like to learn more. Either way let me know what you think.

Morgaine took a breath as she tried to push herself up from her fallen position. Leaving bloody handprints on the ice Morgaine stood. Turning to face the goddess once more Morgaine knew that pleading with the goddess of battle rage was useless.

Morgaine continued her best to dodge the goddess as she quickly trolled through her memories for a single spell. The spell she was looking for wasn’t the safest of spells but it was the only one she knew of that would help her in this fight. Not only was what Morgaine wanting to do safe but the ethics behind it were questionable at best.

Revivification was only possible with animals. Humans were far too unpredictable and complicated to revive after they had passed. Centuries ago Morgaine had heard of people trying to reanimate the bodies of the dead, and had been disgusted by the mere thought. When she had investigated the rumors Morgaine had found out that the Gods had been so displeased with the attempts that they had wiped out the human who had dared to attempt such a thing.

Luckily for Morgaine there was a raven lying in this chamber as well. Revivification wasn’t an easy spell to accomplish but it could be done if the caster had enough energy. And after centuries of not using her powers Morgaine knew that she had the energy to spare.

Ravens were a smart and loyal lot. Morgaine hoped beyond possibility that they still recognized her as one of them after all these centuries. When Morgaine had first walked the earth she had been one of their protectors and they had taken care of her in the end.

Someone is coldly creative in her insults…..


This is a very rough scene that I have sketched out. Somehow I don’t think Morgaine is very happy at the moment. Do you?

Morgaine opened her eyes to see a solid block of ice. As she let out a breath cold water escaped her mouth and travelled down her chin.

Almost instantly Morgaine began to shiver uncontrollably. Morgaine glanced down to find herself standing in a puddle of ice water. As her teeth chattered Morgaine took stock of her situation.

She was still in the Ice cavern that her family was visiting for the day. Morgaine was soaking wet and her radio was silent. No sound could be heard anywhere in the cavern. None of this was good.

Before Morgaine’s thoughts could go any further, she began to cough violently. As her body tried to expel the liquid from her lungs Morgaine felt something solid form on her tongue. Morgaine bought her hands to her melts as she was coughing to catch the object as it flew forth.

As she caught her breath Morgaine studied the object in her hands. It wasn’t very sick and one side of the white chalk on it. The object resembled a rough oval no bigger than her tongue.

Shivering with cold Morgaine looked once more at the block of ice in front of her. This time Morgaine noticed a glow deep inside the large queue.

That glow tickled a memory buried deep in Morgaine’s mind. Glowing. Magic. She knew this. Suddenly her cinnamon eyes began to take on a manic light. Suddenly Morgaine began to laugh wickedly. Oh, Melusine had been devious. Her mind was obviously as sharp as her jagged teeth. Memories indeed.

Before mirth could overtake her Morgaine felt a biting wind on her wet skin. As the cold settled into her bones Morgaine grimaced. Closing water logged eyes once more, Morgaine began to concentrate on the weight of the gem in her hand.

Morgaine envisioned every contour in her mind. This task was not as easy as it seemed. The frigid temperature in the cavern ensured that the water in Morgaine’s clothes turned to ice.

As the cold nipped her skin Morgaine felt icicles form on her eyelashes. The air coming out of Morgaine’s nose chafed at her lips causing them to crack and bleed.

The cold air stung her chapped lips causing her to lose her concentration.

“Damn,” Morgaine exclaimed bitterly. “May her scales dry out,” she finished in a vengeful whisper.

Some People


First off this post has nothing to do with my books. Just a rant piece today. I caught a glimpse of the latest SI cover and let’s just say that there are no positive images for young girls. If the model wants to pose like that, more power to her.

What I strenously object to is the fact that at a size 12 the model is considered to be a plus size. If you were to take and compare that size to your average person, that isn’t plus. Trust me on this, I wear a size twelve myself.

Not even a decade ago that same twelve was considered to be an 8. This just proves my theory that the industry is changing sizes to either demoralize women or to make more money by claiming they need more fabric to produce the garments. More likely it is a combination of both.

The words plus-sized intimates a larger person. Just as the word petite alludes to smaller than average. There is nothing wrong with those of us who are an average size and we shouldn’t be made to feel that there is.

The industry needs to wake up before it destroys what is left of the everyday person.

Someone Thinks Rather Highly of Themselves……..


These charachters are, without exception, the most prideful, imperious, and high-handed ones that I have ever met. What do you think?

This is just one of the players in this story that acts in such a manner. I may have to strangle all of them.

The last forty-five minutes of the drive were anything but quiet. Elaine, Sierra, and Nora (the triplets) were as boisterous as ever. The amount of noise they made tended to give Morgaine a headache. Of course the ruckus gave her parents migraines as well, but Morgaine had little sympathy for them as they were the ones to bring the triplets into the world. At this point Morgaine wished dearly for something resembling silence. In all her lifetime’s Morgaine had usually been a quiet and proud person who was in control. The only exception to this was French Incident where she had been forced to the sidelines, by baseborn revolutionaries who cared little for the exalted blood they spilled. To this day that still irritated her to no end